Certified Galileo Instruction

Suzanne Corridan Willerth is a Certified Galileo Mechano-Stimulation Training© Instructor providing highly personalized core strength and mobility guidance training to maximize your range of motion and overall health.

The Galileo plate vibrates at different set frequencies repeating involuntary muscle stimuli enabling you to achieve your goals.

No matter your current physical condition, this piece of equipment can help you gain or regain strength, connect muscles and tendons around previous or current injuries, correct misalignments, increase your flexibility/range of motion. Galileo Training places minimum stress on the cardiovascular systems, helps to increase blood circulation, and metabolism and offers an increase of power/force. It also aids in osteoporosis prevention and therapy; pelvic floor training; improved muscle function/flexibility and range of motion; relief of muscle tension; as well as improved control/balance/coordination. Whether you’re interested in restorative movements or strength training, this machine is a game changer.  You will experience improvement in every physical movement you make in life as well as an increased sense of well-being.

Galileo Concept

 The principle of Galileo is based on the natural movement of human gait. Galileo’s side-alternating motion is similar to a seesaw movement with variable amplitude and frequency, and therefore stimulates a movement pattern similar to human gait. The rapid movement of the training platform causes a tilting movement of the pelvis, just like when walking, but much more frequently. To compensate, the body responds with rhythmic muscle contractions, alternating between the left and right side of the body. From a frequency of about 12 hertz onwards these muscle contractions are not a conscious process but, rather, are a reflex. This stretch reflex activates the muscles in the legs, the stomach and the back right up into the trunk.

The number of stretch reflex contractions per second is determined by the adjustable training frequency. For example, if a training frequency of 25 hertz is selected, 25 cycles of contraction in flexor and extensor muscles occur per second. This vibration can increase muscle strength and improve the body balance and it can also improve the function in mobility, sensation, bone density and well-being.

For more information on Galileo Studies ranging from Back Pain, COPD, Fall Prevention, Osteoporosis, to Sports & Fitness to name a few, click on this button:  whole body vibration | Galileo (stimdesigns.com)

"Galileo is a game changer!"

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